Are you a KDM enthusiast that likes to contribute to the community? Do you race your Genesis Coupe in AutoX, Drifting, or Road Course? Or are you a show contender and compete in large car shows? Genracer is pleased to announce a sponsorship program that helps both parties. We feel that sponsorship is a partnership that needs to have value to our brand, giving us the most marketing potential but also rewarding the work and dedication from the participant in the program. We are offering three programs that will suit a wide variety of participants and allowing Genracer to broaden its' market reach. 

Content Sponsorship Program

This program is dedicated to those enthusiast that have a love to develop content about products, do-it-yourself tutorials, or sharing knowledge to help others in the community. Genracer will pay out up to $150 in store credit for blog articles or youtube videos that will be used on our website. Here are the rules on this program:

  • Eligible up to $150 in store credit. Genracer will determine the value after review of the completed project. 
  • Product must have been or to be purchased from Genracer
  • Articles will be property of Genracer and must consist of a minimum 500 words and contain at least 3 detailed pictures illustrating the product and its use. 
  • Youtube videos must illustrate the install and review the product pre and post install. Videos must be at least 3 minutes long and have atleast 30 seconds about Genracer and review your positive shopping experience. 
  • Projects MUST be confirmed to Genracer BEFORE start for approval. Email confirmation is required ( Once proposed project is approved, we will email confirmation to continue with the project. Once project is completed and presented to us for publishing approval, we will then determine its value and will publish. 

***Click Here For Content Sponsorship Application***

Racer Sponsorship Program

This program is intended for those grassroots racer that love competing with their Genesis Coupe in club events or for those actively racing on a pro-level. We have deep roots in racing efforts and know what it takes to be on track and compete. Genracer thinks highly of these participants and encourage racers to take advantage of this program. This program is applicable to AutoX, Drifting, Time Attack, Drag Racing, and Wheel to Wheel racing. Here are the rules for this program:

  • Must be pre-approved prior any contingency payout and program discount structure
  • Only a limited number of approved applicants will be given this opportunity
  • Program is valid for the calendar year and will expire December 31st
  • Racers approved will have discount structure on the website for parts for their vehicle only
  • Decals will be provided and must be displayed in approved locations. (will email location picture after approval)
  • Minimum of 6 starters to meet event eligibility 
  • Payout is store credit: $150 First, $100 for Second, $50 for third
  • Payout is for Approved Racing Sanctioning Series - list of approved series will be emailed after approval
  • One contingency claim per race weekend 
  • 250 word minimum blog write up about event and results is required for payout, including at least 3 pictures from the event showing decals on the vehicle and showing placement reward.

***Click Here For Racer Sponsorship Application***

Show Car Sponsorship Program

Are you that type of car fanatic that takes their show beauty to the show or club events and competes for that number one spot against other car fanatics? Car Shows are an excellent time to promote and network with other fanatics and we would love to be apart of this. Genracer will select a few applicants to participate in this program. We will build on this in time to expand the number of approved applicants and refine our required obligations. In the meantime, if you feel are a good fit for this, now is the opportunity to connect with us. Below are the current details about this program.

  • Must be pre-registered and approved prior to competing show event
  • Minimum of 2 decals required on vehicle on approved location (location image will be emailed after approval)
  • Limited number of approved applicants per year and may be denied if target applicant approval is hit
  • Each event attending must be pre-approved prior to competing to determine its value of commitment
  • 200 word minimum blog about you, your car and its mods and positive experience with Genracer is required to be submitted after program approval
  • One claim per calendar month 
  • 5 pictures minimum are required showing the vehicle at the event, Genracer decals and at least one picture of owner and car with award. 
  • $100 store credit for show class win. 

***Click Here For Show Car Sponsorship Program***


*Genracer has the right to terminate, change or pause any one of these programs at any time.


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Overall Fantastic

Over all fantastic. From the ordering process, to how fast the shipping is and also the customer service. This is why I only shop on GenRacer for my coupe! Keep up the stellar work

Posted By: David Taylor

Awesome Service

I recently purchased the ARK test pipes for my 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 and must say was the best thing I’ve done aside from from getting my aftermarket exhaust. Sounds louder and drives faster! No hassle, got the pipes within three days. Thank you GenRacer,

Posted By: Joey Coughlan
Product: Ark Test Pipes

Simply the Best Service

Most places just sell parts and when you call them it feels like you are bothering them. My last transaction with GENRACER left nothing to be desired, meaning it could have not been better. I purchased front and rear WHITELINE sway bars, front & rear DBA rotors, and EBC YELLOWSTUFF brake pads. I called just after I ordered the parts because I received an "out of stock" email notification. When I called back to chat with someone *** answered the phone. He couldn't have been more knowledgeable about exactly what I was looking for when it came to the right brake pad for my needs (street/track). Come to find out the pads I picked (DBA's) were not the best pads for my application so im very glad I talked to ***!! I just recently had everything installed, bedded the pads and I am so happy I used GenRacer for my 16 R-Spec Coupe!! Thanks again ***!!!

Posted By: Steve Richard
Product: EBC Brakesm

Perfect Service

This is the best website I have ever ordered my parts from.. everything is shipped on time and in perfect condition. I will keep ordering parts from you guys until I run out of parts to order Haha

Posted By: Lauren Bryant
Product: Spec D Tail lights

So Awesome

Order came fast and looks amazing on my car. I did have one problem where one tail light would blink sequentially and the other didn’t. I sent an email late in the day inquiring about it. I wasn’t expecting a response until at least the following day as it was so late. Within an hour they had gotten back to me informing me of a switch on the inside of the housing where you can choose sequential or regular. Sweet! Top notch customer service.

Posted By: Kevin F.
Product: Spec D Tail Lights