Blow Off Valves

If you need a Hyundai Genesis Coupe blow off valve, or if you need BOV accessories, you can trust Genracer. We offer a variety of parts for model years 2010-2014.

Hyundai blow off valves are used to prevent compressor surge, a phenomenon that readily occurs when lifting off the throttle of an unvented, turbocharged engine. The rapid slowing or stalling stresses the turbo and imparts severe turbo lag if the driver accelerates immediately after the surge event. Genracer stocks Hyundai blow off valves designed to release air and prevent damaging the turbo in your 2.0T Hyundai Genesis Coupe, as well as giving the car that iconic blow off sound.

If you are having trouble selecting the right Hyundai Genesis Coupe blow off valve, call us at 203-783-1422 or email us. Our talented staff members take pride in their excellent customer service.

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