Parsing Through Parts: OE vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket

10th Dec 2018

genesis coupe front bumper

In the wide world of replacement parts, there several different kinds that have different purposes and different advantages. When you look for a replacement part for your beloved vehicle, you want to make sure that you pick the right kind. About 81.5 million cars are projected to be sold in 2018, giving an entirely new group of automotive owners the responsibility of picking the right replacement parts when the time comes. Pick the right replacement part by knowing the difference between these three kinds.

  1. OE Parts

    OE stands for Original Equipment, meaning that the part is exactly like the one that is installed on the car when the factory first assembled it. For example, if you were looking to replace your  Genesis Coupe front bumper, an OE Genesis Coupe front bumper would have to be the exact one used when making the vehicle. If you went to an authorized dealership and bought your needed part at the parts counter, you would be getting an OE part.

  2. OEM Parts

    OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is the company that made a certain part of a vehicle. Most major car companies do not internally produce every single part of a vehicle. They will often outsource items like rims, shift knobs, and exhaust pipes to other vendors and then install them while cares on the assembly line. As OEM parts are essentially still the original part used on a vehicle, they are expected to function exactly the same. They generally come at a lower cost, but do not get the label of being a "Genuine" part. However, if you get that Genesis Coupe front bumper that you need from the OEM, it will be a perfectly good bumper that was still used on the original vehicle.

  3. Aftermarket Parts

    In contrast to OE or OEM parts, manufacturers that have no connection with OE produce aftermarket parts. Typically, these parts are accurately copied from OE parts to ensure the same quality and function when you use them as replacement parts. The price of aftermarket parts is generally lower as manufacturers can produce them for less. As they do not have OEM status, their quality is not necessarily guaranteed, but many manufacturers can even make the parts at a superior quality to the originals.

Through every upgrade, modification, and repair, you want to make sure that your vehicle is getting the highest quality treatment possible. Know which replacement parts to use and you won't compromise the integrity of your Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Overall Fantastic

Over all fantastic. From the ordering process, to how fast the shipping is and also the customer service. This is why I only shop on GenRacer for my coupe! Keep up the stellar work

Posted By: David Taylor

Awesome Service

I recently purchased the ARK test pipes for my 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 and must say was the best thing I’ve done aside from from getting my aftermarket exhaust. Sounds louder and drives faster! No hassle, got the pipes within three days. Thank you GenRacer,

Posted By: Joey Coughlan
Product: Ark Test Pipes

Simply the Best Service

Most places just sell parts and when you call them it feels like you are bothering them. My last transaction with GENRACER left nothing to be desired, meaning it could have not been better. I purchased front and rear WHITELINE sway bars, front & rear DBA rotors, and EBC YELLOWSTUFF brake pads. I called just after I ordered the parts because I received an "out of stock" email notification. When I called back to chat with someone *** answered the phone. He couldn't have been more knowledgeable about exactly what I was looking for when it came to the right brake pad for my needs (street/track). Come to find out the pads I picked (DBA's) were not the best pads for my application so im very glad I talked to ***!! I just recently had everything installed, bedded the pads and I am so happy I used GenRacer for my 16 R-Spec Coupe!! Thanks again ***!!!

Posted By: Steve Richard
Product: EBC Brakesm

Perfect Service

This is the best website I have ever ordered my parts from.. everything is shipped on time and in perfect condition. I will keep ordering parts from you guys until I run out of parts to order Haha

Posted By: Lauren Bryant
Product: Spec D Tail lights

So Awesome

Order came fast and looks amazing on my car. I did have one problem where one tail light would blink sequentially and the other didn’t. I sent an email late in the day inquiring about it. I wasn’t expecting a response until at least the following day as it was so late. Within an hour they had gotten back to me informing me of a switch on the inside of the housing where you can choose sequential or regular. Sweet! Top notch customer service.

Posted By: Kevin F.
Product: Spec D Tail Lights