Steering Straight: Common Steering Wheel Issues And What They Mean


genesis coupe steering wheelYour Hyundai Genesis Coupe is one of your most prized possessions and maintaining its upkeep is a passion project for you, so you know how it should feel when you drive it. Every now and then, you probably notice some strange pushes or pulls in your Genesis Coupe steering wheel. When you feel something strange, do not push it out of your mind. Instead, consult this list of common steering issues and find a solution sooner rather than later.

  • Car is pulling to one side

    A veering vehicle could indicate issues with the tire traction or inflation, but it often indicates that there is a problem with a steering gear. The gear has likely been worn down. This can be caused by a lack of lubrication from the power steering fluid, so be sure to check for any leaks in the steering fluid as you replace the worn gear.

  • Takes effort to turn the wheel

    Power steering wheels are operated by the power steering pump, rack, and fluid. An issue with any of these elements could result in difficulty turning your Genesis Coupe steering wheel. The fluid level is the easiest to remedy, so first check if that needs to be filled. If it goes down quickly again, check for leaks in the steering pump, hoses, or rack.

  • Steering wheel bounces up and down

    While you're driving at highway speeds or braking, a bouncing steering wheel could indicate several things. It could be an issue with worn or under-inflated tires, problems with the brake rotors, or there may be loose wheel bolts.

  • Steering seems to slip

    When you hold the steering wheel in a turned position, it should stay steady. If it seems to slip as you hold it there, it could again mean issues with the power steering fluid, pump, or rack. Other than leaks, the issues could be a result of worn rack mounts, faulty pumps, and worn or loose steering belts.

  • Steering wheel tends to wander

    When a vehicle sways from one side to the other as you turn the steering wheel, it could point to bad strut bearings or tie rods. Other culprits include broken steering rack mounts and worn ball joints.

  • Unusual vibration in the steering wheel

    A build-up of contaminants in the power steering system could cause the steering wheel to vibrate or pulse when it is turned fully in one direction. A power steering flush will do the job of solving this issue. Vibration could also be an indication of wheel alignment issues or worn tie rods.

In the last 10 years, the average length of vehicle ownership has increased by 60%, and the best way to ensure that your life reflects that is to be in tune with any issues your vehicle may have. If you feel that something is off with your Genesis Coupe steering wheel, take a harder look at it right away to make sure that your Genesis performance is at the highest level possible.