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DBA 4000 Series Front Rotors for Genesis Coupe 2010-16 (Brembo) (PAIR)

GenRacer Price: $327.26
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    Feature DescriptionAdvantageBenefit 
    "T3 Slot 48 precision CNC machined slots" Tri-Symmetrical curve slots dampens the vibration harmonics or noise A quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel  
      Increased number of out-gassing exit points for brake pad friction gasses to escape through Increases the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop
      Universal slot design Eliminates the need for left and right discs  
    Kangaroo Paw – 144 diamond and tear drop pillar ventilation system Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation Minimises brake fade and increases braking effectiveness  
      Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation Prolongs service life for both pads and rotors. Reduces mechanical damage and associated costs
    XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron An increase in thermal capacity property allows the rotor to handle constant extremes of heat over extended periods of time Minimises warping and cracking and prolongs the service life of the rotor  
      Special formulation designed to respond to DBA’s TSP process Minimises warping and cracking and prolongs the service life of the rotor
    Thermographic Temperature Monitoring Heat paint markings change colour at specific temperature thresholds Offers the driver a clear indication of peak braking temperatures  
      When temperature thresholds are exceeded paint markings will permanently change colours Allows the driver to monitor rotor fatigue and decide on rotor replacement and to assist resellers with warranty claims  
    Paint protection on non-friction areas Reduces corrosion  Stops any unsightly rust formation  
      Enhances appearance Adds value to the product




    Thermal Stability Profiling

    TSP is a proprietary process specifically developed by DBA for improving the performance of disc brake rotors.


    • Improved fatigue resistance to minimize surface cracking
    • Reduced rotor fatigue during prolonged heavy braking
    • Quick replacement, minimal "bedding-in" of rotors
    Thermo-Graphic Temperature Monitoring

    Thermo-Graphic markings are placed on the outer edge of each DBA 4000 series disc rotors and are used to monitor the core temperatures achieved during braking application. The markings change color as the rotor heats up to alert the driver to rotor temperatures that exceed optimum levels.

    Initial ColorWhen rotor exceeds this temperature...The color will change to...
    Kangaroo Paw

    "Kangaroo Paw" is a patented, high-tech disc rotor ventilation system designed and manufactured in Australia by Disc Brakes Australia and available on rotors for select applications. "Kangaroo Paw" technology delivers significantly improved braking performance. Even under extreme braking conditions. Kangaroo Paw rotor designs run cooler, are stronger, and outperform traditional straight-vane disc rotors.

    Kangaroo Paw Rotor

    The "Kangaroo Paw" design features a series of 144 diamond- and tear drop-shaped pillars and columns individually spaced between the rotor faces.

    This system provides two key advantages.

    First, is the ability to cool the rotor faster than ever before. As the disc rotor rotates, aerodynamic turbulence around the individual pillars and columns is generated, increasing the force of hot air out from within the internal areas of the rotor.

    Second is increased dimensional stability across the disc rotor directly achieved by the individually spaced pillars and columns.

    These advantages increase the disc rotor's efficiency by as much as 20% when compared to conventional rotor designs. A 20% increase in disc rotor efficiency directly translates to reduced brake operating temperatures, brake fade, disc rotor stresses, disc thickness variation, run-out and shudder.

    All 4000 series rotors also benefit from DBA's "Longlife Slotted" design. The rotors are manufactured to QS-9000 quality standards using premium grade materials with a high iron content and dense metal matrix resulting in long wear and safe, consistent stopping power.

    • Unidirectional slotting (left and right) increases pad bite, reduces fade and delivers exceptional braking performance.
    • Slots continually de-glaze the brake pads improving efficiency and reducing rotor scoring.
    • Slots even out wear across the brake pad faces, increasing the effective contact area and extending rotor life.
    • Slots help dissipate water when driving in poor weather, as well as pump away dust and dirt.
    • Slotting also combats "out-gassing," where gas (from the pad bonding agents) can form a cushion between pad and rotor, greatly reducing braking power.

    DBA rotors are chosen as Original Equipment on many vehicles.



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